UI/UX App Design for an AR Scavenger Hunt App

Category: App Design

Date: Summer 2017


Visiting Civitavecchia is an iOS and Android app developed by Swiss Innovation Lab AG in collaboration with Port Utilities Spa. It is a touristic guide that enriches a user’s visit to Civitavecchia, the Port of Rome. It guides the users to the Points of Interest, provides practical information and gives suggestions on how to best spend time while visiting. Different city tours are presented as Scavenger Hunts featuring augmented reality and supported by a beacon network featuring an augmented reality.


Tourists visiting Rome by cruisers are arriving in Civitavecchia. Rather than spending all of their time in Rome, the goal of the app is to motivate them to spend some time in Civittavechia and discover the port by “hunting” for cultural, architectural, historical, and religious points of interest.
Project requirements included designing the whole app from concept stage, and developing complete UX and UI for it for both Android and iOS platforms.


We started the app design by collaborating with the client and creating basic screen maps and user flows.
Once those were approved, we proceeded to create wireframes together with a functional prototype, focusing mainly on the user experience and required app functionalities. A lot of attention was given to gamification elements and ways to keep users engaged while providing them with useful, real-life information about museums, restaurants, architecture, etc.
Civitavecchia brand and app interface was designed with strong, bright colors and vivid imagery to draw
user attention, and a lot of whitespace to keep the experience light and to avoid overwhelming the users.