UX/UI Redesign of a Cloud-Based Document Management

Category: Web Design, Branding

Date: Autumn 2017/Spring 2018


TEAM Informatics is a global enterprise solutions and technology company. TEAM collaborates with clients by providing products, services, support and training to put unstructured data to work. Utilizing best-in-class technologies, TEAM has successfully implemented thousands of business solutions across a diverse spectrum of organizations of varying size and vertical focus in order to meet aggressive business needs.


ContentWorX (CWX) is one of TEAM Informatics products, managing 33000000 documents from 27000 users in New Zealand. It is an integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed Enterprise Information Management capabilities, and it unlocks the value of enterprise information and empowers the workforce with a range of productivity, workflow and collaboration tools.
CWX enables managing risk, delivering transformation and improving the performance of its customers and businesses.

There is a need to redesign CWX platform and bring it to the modern day and age by improving usability and user experience, as well as creating a visually pleasing interface.
Since there is a large pre-existing user base, keep in mind that every change should have the smallest learning curve possible. Despite its robust feature list, the new CWX has to be highly intuitive and straightforward for users, enabling them to finish tasks as fast and as efficient as possible.
The user interface should be refreshed so that it offers a cleaner, more corporate look and it enables comfortable visual data scanning.


The redesign process started with thorough platform analysis and overview of both existing and new features that are to be introduced with the new design. User experience was at the forefront of the project and great emphasis was given to creating smallest learning curve possible.

We made a comprehensive analysis of the existing market solutions, investigated competition and used our takeaways to create something that is familiar, yet new.

After exploring various unconventional approaches, we settled on a more conventional one with a few tweaks that make the new CWX unique and a pleasure to use.

From the UI standpoint, the new interface provides a more clear overview of data available, not only because information is presented in a new and more intuitive way, but also because a lot of thought was given to improving readability through typography, color selection and data table design. Users are able to preview documents and access/edit all the associated metadata without ever leaving the current screen unless they wish to do so. We also introduced version control, previews for more documents at once with tabs, and the preview pane can be minimized, placed on the bottom or at the side, depending on the user preference and their screen setup. The home screen is completely customizable, and the platform-predefined options can easily be overwritten so that every user can get a completely personalized experience based on his/her own needs and ways they use the system.