UX/UI Design for a Marketing Campaign Analytics Tool

Category: Mobile App Design

Date: Winter 2017/2018


DataSpike (note: the name of the web and mobile app is changed due to NDA) is an online marketing platform for creating and managing web and mobile-based advertising campaigns.
The main users of the current web interface are the DataSpike employees, running campaigns for big clients. DataSpike’s web interface is data-heavy and provides users with detailed, in-depth information about their campaigns so they can optimize campaign accordingly and ensure their success in achieving clients goals.


DataSpike needs a mobile interface. The app is intended to be used by company employees running the campaigns, providing them with real-time campaign data on the go.
This way, the company employees can be up to date with fresh data at all times.
The app has to provide them with all the essential information organized in an easy-to-navigate way while keeping a clean, minimalist look.


After conducting the interviews with company employees/DataSpike users, identifying the most important information they need and understanding the ways in which they use it, I organized the data into graphs and tables. The graphs are displayed in tabs at the top of the app’s main screen, making it easy for users to navigate through them with only one click. Further, more detailed information about Advertisers, Partners, and Campaigns is organized into accordion sections below, providing the users with a way to see only the information they need, and hide the rest. The tables also feature a “trend” column which compares current data to the previous time period and displays the result in numbers and color as well, making it easy for visual scanning. Clicking on a table row further expands it, giving the user more detailed information.
The app also provides users with a calendar to select the time period for which they need the information.