Branding and Web Design for ICO

Category: Branding, Web Design

Date: Spring 2018


Holoflake is a platform that gives you the unique opportunity to monetize your story, and at the same time develop your creative potential and complex problem-solving skills.


By using Holoflake, you can start your own project, find teammates, collaborate with others and even get ideas for pursuing your passion. Your completed projects are connected to your business card that you can send to anyone as a real proof of work. Furthermore, you can set up your project for crowdfunding through the Holoflake app. And lastly, you also receive feedback from the community in order to improve your project. It’s the ultimate tool for all modern nomads that strive to earn and at the same time benefit the society that surrounds them.

Create a logo for Holoflake and develop the basic visual identity. The logo should be designed using geometric principles and with Golden Ratio in mind. It should create a slight 3D effect, be like a microcosmos, full of energy and symmetry, while at the same time, simple, unique and applicable.
After creating brand visuals, design a lander page for Holoflake which will be used as a main presentational asset for potential investors and future clients, and as a base for the ICO funding.


We started the logo process from two different perspectives, playing with geometry principles and optical illusions on one hand, and trying to create something unfamiliar and unique in the second one. After pitching a few potential directions and visual approaches to the client, the mutual decision landed on the motif of snowflake, which was to be stylised as a logo with all the design requirements in mind – giving it a slight 3D look, creating depth, using geometry and Golden ratio as a guide and still keeping in mind to creating something simple and applicable.
Thus, the Holoflake logo was born 🙂

After that, we set about to design a landing page which is attention-grabbing and visually engaging and interesting to both occasional visitor and potential investor. The website is designed as a one-page lander, it features a lot of magenta and indigo-blue combined with a lot of whitespace to reduce visual strain and content overload. It is riddled with micro animations making it alive but in a non-intrusive way.