Web Design for Development Support Agency

Category: Web Design, Branding

Date: Spring 2018


Mara (The International Development Agency) is a company operating independently on the market with the aim of providing development support to myriad of clients – local and regional self-government, public institutions, associations, and entrepreneurs. Document support involves the development of local and regional strategic documents, the development of feasibility studies and EU projects, and consulting in the areas of business development, local community development, economy, and tourism.


The old logo and website need a refreshment.
The logo should be discreetly updated and changes in color are welcome in order to communicate a more serious, business-oriented and trustworthy story.
Website content should be completely reorganized, shortened and presented in an interesting, engaging way. Visually, the website should find a healthy balance between business seriousness and youthful playfulness.


The old logo shape was slightly redesigned with geometric principles in mind, creating a visually more balanced element. Colors were updated with blue and grey elements in order to communicate a serious business oriented story, with a touch of elegance and lightness.
Website redesign process started with a content-first approach, since the old website was text-heavy and over cluttered with unnecessary information.

After finishing content reorganization we set up to create a visually engaging UI, keeping in mind to provide the balance between business seriousness and youthful playfulness. We put great emphasis on the number of finished projects and money collected through their projects.