Rebranding for a City Parks Management Company

Category: Branding, App Design

Date: Winter 2016


Parkovi is a company responsible for governing city parks and other green areas, and managing the city cemetery. The old brand was dated and the public perception of the company was mainly related to the cemetery while that is only a small part of all the work they do – they also grow garden flowers, do a lot of horticultural work, have floral shops and manage a coffee shop.


The rebranding needed to change public perception from a cemetery-based business and communicate the following:
· A modern and competitive company, a leader in the domestic market
· The company’s development is based on employee knowledge, skills, and proactiveness
· Investment in the quality of products and services, educating employees and modernizing material resources
· Parkovi is an innovative and successful company that creates new values

Along with rebranding, the company invested in a development of the Android app VaraždinCemetery, intended for use by tourists and locals. For tourists, the app offers different routes for exploring one of the most beautiful European cemeteries. For locals, it is intended to provide support in the hardest moments of losing someone by offering advice and funeral organization help. It also acts as a search engine, providing users with burial locations based on search query and it informs about the funeral schedule and their location.


The logo was designed with contemporary minimalism in mind, merging two visual elements: trees and candlelight. The company’s main revenue activities were divided into five main areas, each represented by a color: management is green, the floral shop is pink, gardening activities are orange, the coffee shop is blue and cemetery based activities are black.
The primary font was changed to Lato, a modern sans serif font designed in 2010. Even though free, the font is versatile enough with 9 different weights and 150 languages support, making it ideal for any usage. Great Vibes was chosen as a secondary font for usage in special occasions (headings, greeting cards, etc). The visual identity was presented in a style guide, available here:

When developing the app’s UX, a lot of attention was devoted to creating an interface that is equally useful to tourists visiting the cemetery, and locals using it for burial purposes. The interface design was created in line with the new brand.