UI/UX Design for a Smart Home Management iPhone X App

Category: App Design

Date: Winter 2017


Toptal is an exclusive network of the top 3% freelance software developers, designers, and finance experts in the world. As part of the Toptal screening process, which was successfully finished (yay!), Ana had 10 hours to design a native app (either iOS or Android, or both) for a smart device management.


Toptal: “Design a native app (either iOS or Android, or both) for a smart device. The app should allow the user to easily adjust the temperature, lights, and music in their home or office. You may select the designed feature set and user flow based on the user demographic of tech-savvy, relatively affluent professionals.”
Invest 8-10 hours during the next two weeks to design the above-described app.


Ana: “I conducted user interviews with smart-home owners, interior designers, and one smart home installation company CEO. Design rationale was based on the premise that users want four things: to control homes by rooms, to control specific devices, to turn multiple devices on/off based on the activity they are engaging in and to trigger devices/events by using IFTTT protocols. User flows were developed accordingly and used as the main guideline in creating the app UX and to complete the InVision prototype of the app.
The app UI was designed for just a few screens, as there was no more time left :)”