Branding and Web Design for Cyclotourism Agency

Category: Branding, Web Design

Date: Winter 2017/Spring 2018


Trail is on a mission to improve the cycling experience for tourists, enthusiasts, and travelers across Croatia. Their passion for cycling, nature and spending time with friends grew into a project that is determined to improve Croatian sport, adventure, and gastro-tourism, and spread the word across the world.


Trail creates and maintains a network of bicycle trails and engages with the local business community in order to support the trail system and increase the economic vitality of everyone involved. New bicycling trails will enhance the attractiveness of Croatia as a travel destination as well as health and well-being of the community, its locals, and its visitors.

Devise a name for the project that aims to improve the cycling tourism in Croatia. Create the brand behind the name by designing a comprehensive visual identity, comprising of a logo, typography, color, iconography and usage examples. Use the visual identity to design a cycling jersey for the project.
Design a website based on the business goals and provided website content, keeping in mind to visually transmit the story and emotions behind the brand.


After few meetings, business goals discussions and brainstorming, we decided to name the project TRAIL – Full cycling experience. The reasoning behind the name is simple, the word “trail” perfectly conveys everything the brand is about – nature, path, road, sports, freedom, enjoyment. The logo was designed with the same thought, and after a few iterations and corrections, we settled with the stylized, yet recognizable, friendly and inviting image of a trail. The selected colors are natural, yet with a sporty edge, giving the whole brand a bit of empowering and trustworthy note.

The cycling jersey was designed with simplicity and recognizability in mind, our intention was to create something classy with an edge.
Website design started with the UX and content organization, where we decided to divide the project into 5 main parts: trails they intend to create and maintain, educations that will be organized for cycling guides, manifestation organization, promotional activities and project development. Each part is to be presented on a separate subpage and the UI was designed to tell a coherent story filled with sports motives and positive emotions.